Whether you have climbed Everest or any mountain, you know that incomparable feeling of reaching the top. We've been there too. Yet this time around, we want to get there alongside a conscious community, the core of Wondermore. So come along with us for this guided emotional and physical quest to the world's tallest free standing mountain! Just imagine the stories you'll tell your grandchildren and sign up!


Sebas wondermore
Christine Raine Wondermore

Sebastián Castro - Christine Raine - Andrés Rubinstein

Having led expeditions around the world, they will facilitate your emotional journey and partner up with widely experienced local guides for the actual Kilimanjaro climb.


PART I: 9 days - Moshi and Kilimanjaro

Safely arrive in Moshi, on the lower slopes of Mt. Kilimanjaro, where you will meet up with your trip leaders, the rest of the Wondermore crew and most importantly with your mountain guides, who will safely and responsibly guide you up and down Africa’s tallest mountain.

Be prepared to:

  • Evolve into a fitter, more conscious, and self-connected person

  • Learn about climate change and environmental awareness

  • Witness the best views nature has to offer

PART II: 3 days - Serengeti National Park

Slow down, witness your accomplishment and celebrate with a 3 day wildlife safari in the mythical Serengeti.

  • Experience Africa's most abundant wildlife, including the Big 5 (lions, buffalo, leopard, elephant and rhino) 
  • Beautiful camping accommodation 
  • Share open fire meals under the stars with people from all over the world

What else will I do?

Besides trekking through the most beautiful landscapes imaginable, you will be guided through an emotional mapping process of your physical journey, to ensure the discoveries you make during your trip are applied to real life upon your return home. 

What will I get out of it?

  • A deep connection with yourself and nature
  • Whether you summit or not, you will be rewarded with an unprecedented sense of achievement & reward
  • Principles of Storytelling and Non-Violent Communication
  • Self discovery and emotional mapping tools
  • A reawakened sense of possibility at personal and professional level
  • Stories and memories for a lifetime


  • Accommodation in Moshi prior and after trek
  • Food, accommodation and guide throughout entire trek
  • Professional video of your experience
  • Printed book of the journey
  • Workshops with trip leaders focused on: Storytelling and Non Violent Communication
  • Airfare and transport (from Moshi to airport and viceversa) not included

What is included?

Although most countries do not require a visa to enter Tanzania, travelers from countries who do need it can get it on arrival at the airport. For more info, go to Wikipedia

Does Tanzania require a visa?

Non Refundable deposit: $1500 before June 1st



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